Innovative Bathymetric Data Solution Makes Debut at Ocean Business

Innovative Bathymetric Data Solution Makes Debut at Ocean Business

Ocean Business 21 was the launch venue for Valeport’s new Bathy2, presented as an “exciting evolution in the collection of bathymetric data.” It was shown for the first time, ahead of its formal release in Q1/Q2 2022. Also making their debut on the environmental sensors manufacturers stand were four innovative instruments designed with ease of use at their core, where a much-improved user experience is now available alongside the highest quality, precise data.

The new integrated sensor suite Bathy2 is designed to meet customer bathymetric requirements for a reliable, accurate and robust instrument with more functionality to suit specific operations down to 6,000m water depth. An enhancement of the popular Midas BathyPack, the new Bathy2 uses state-of-the art sensors to generate sound velocity and density profiles for precision depth and height data. 

This evolution brings together the benefits of density-corrected output directly from one instrument, alongside the flexibility of third-party pressure sensor input and Valeport interchangeable pressure modules to provide users with enhanced accuracy at different depths. 

Direct Communication of Bathymetric Data

Improving the user experience has been a key driver in the development of this bathymetric instrument and the addition of a dedicated data output for INS allows bathymetric data to be efficiently communicated directly with users’ own operational software. Other helpful benefits include the flexible pressure options using Valeport’s interchangeable pressure sensors: these field-swappable sensor heads make it easy for users to select the correct pressure for their working depth, bringing benefits of exceptional reliability and a higher degree of accuracy.

Designed for surveyors requiring bathymetric data from ROVs, underwater vehicles or drop structures, Bathy2 also has an external pressure sensor input option for Digiquartz referencing. This comprehensive bathymetric package offers other useful parameters such as Altitude and Bathy2 interfaces with the Valeport VA500 altimeter and other popular third-party makes.

Data transfer is via Ethernet or RS232/RS485 interfaces and the Bathy2 Interpreter function via the Valeport Configure software allows data out on extra ports in industry standard formats: this facility also allows for an atmospheric pressure data input.

Guy Frankland, Valeport’s head of marketing, commented: “Ocean Business is a great platform to introduce our newest developments and product upgrades prior to their general release. We’re particularly looking forward to seeking feedback on our Bathy2 instrument and its capacity to offer an increased survey grade performance, as well as getting Valeport’s unique range of interchangeable pressure sensors into the hands of potential users so they can get a real sense of the streamlining benefits they bring.”

Valeport’s new Bathy2, an innovation in the collection of bathymetric data.

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