INSPIRE Conference 2014 Features Marine Contributions - 27/05/2014

From 16 to 20 June 2014, the INSPIRE conference is to take place in Aalborg, Denmark. Traditionally, most attention is paid to the land aspects of the spatial information infrastructures. However there are other interesting workshops scheduled as well. In the afternoon, an open workshop on ‘mSDI – the challenge of bringing lessons learned from landside to seaside’ is appropriately taking place on the barkentine Loa.

This is an open workshop, and the room accommodates 30 people. This workshop introduces participants to marine Spatial Planning and marine Spatial Data Infrastructure and how it is under implementation on European level by an incoming EU-directive and based on EU-member states experiences. By bringing mSDI in as an integrated part of Marine Spatial Planning there will be high focus on reuse of existing datasets in data-sharing environments, where data, knowledge and context are important aspects of implementation. The history, the theory and actual challenges in introducing mSDI in marine and maritime environments will be presented. Participants will receive literature references, key articles and handouts. The workshop will discuss how governance, academia and innovation can be brought together and create sustainable and smart solutions for safer navigation and transportation, better balance between economic use and ecological protection of marine and shore-based resources.

On Thursday 19 June, in a dedicated parallel session related to maritime spatial data, there will be several oral presentations like the ‘Water and INSPIRE: A Sea View’ from 09.00, and ‘Water and INSPIRE: from Sources to Seas' from 11.00.

Detailed information and registration is available on the INSPIRE 2014 event website.

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