Interactive Map of International Maritime Boundaries - 09/12/2014

USA-based International Mapping has released an interactive map of worldwide maritime boundaries. International boundaries specialist Bob Smith and International Mapping owner and president Scott Edwards have worked on this project collecting every boundary agreement and arbitral award, and consolidating them in an interactive map. The western hemisphere boundary agreements have already gone public, with other regions to follow.

The international maritime boundaries have been depicted in an interactive map and, underlying to this, a GIS database has been created including all boundary agreements that can be purchased to use in the work of other organisations.

Features that International Mapping offers include

    •  Detailed interactive map of every established maritime boundary in the world

    •  Free Boundary Brief and GIS Data samples to download

    •  Useful maritime boundary reference material

    •  Premium content for purchase: GIS Data, Boundary Briefs, Map Posters

There is a free report (US-Mexico, Pacific Ocean) available for download to review the format.

Robert W. Smith has spent over 30 years at the U.S. Dept of State, spending much of his time overseeing U.S. maritime claims and negotiating/arbitrating U.S. maritime boundaries as well as analysing other foreign boundary treaties. Since his retirement in 2006 he has continued to work on maritime boundaries.

Last updated: 22/05/2019