Iridium Satellite Expands Mobile Data Service Offerings - 07/03/2005

Iridium Satellite LLC announced that four new value-added manufacturers (VAMs) are now offering Iridium-based solutions for mobile data and voice applications.
The new Iridium VAMs – SeaWave, Zoca Container Security, Premier GPS USA and Telco Electronics – have developed mobile satellite data systems for a wide range of applications, such as monitoring and tracking, remote telemetry, asset protection, security alert and remote control, as well as voice telephony and messaging.
SeaWave offers voice and data communications, as well as IT solutions, for government and commercial markets, with a primary focus on the international commercial maritime market. SeaWave is integrating Iridium hardware in its SeaWave Integrator and SeaWave NavSeries marine servers, which are designed to manage e-mail, weather, tracking, configuration data, location data, communication status and control through standard PC platforms such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook.
Telco Electronics is a UK-based design and development facility primarily serving the UK military and government sectors. The company is developing Iridium-based products for the marine market, including commercial ships and large pleasure yachts. The company’s Iridicom product, in addition to providing normal Iridium voice and data transmission, is compliant with international requirements for automatic ship security and alert systems (SSAS). Iridicom has a built-in four-port PABX facility and is designed to allow the antenna unit to be installed up to 150 meters from the below decks unit employing very inexpensive four pair cabling.
Zoca Container Security is a Netherlands-based company that provides worldwide real-time systems to lock and unlock sea containers. The system includes a high-security lock on the container and a handheld locking/unlocking device, which is equipped with an Iridium modem for real-time data processing and highly accurate GPS positioning. The system is designed to forestall pilferage, reduce insurance claims, prevent unauthorized access to containers in transit and provide better tracking of these valuable assets at sea and on land.
Premier GPS USA is a leader in the innovative design and manufacturing of GPS tracking, video and communications technologies targeted to the government and law enforcement sectors. The company’s latest product offering, ‘QuickPeek’, uses Iridium and other satellite channels to send alarm, video and GPS data for mobile and stationary asset protection worldwide.

Last updated: 04/09/2020