iSURVEY Helps Identify North Sea Shipwreck - 15/09/2020

During a recent offshore power cable cut and seal project on the Olympic Taurus, iSURVEY were part of the team tasked with identifying a shipwreck found three years previously during a routine inspection of the Skagerrak power cable.

The wreck lies 13 nautical miles from Kristiansand in southern Norway, and was investigated using an ROV-mounted multibeam echosounder. Following the survey, it was determined that the wreck was that of the long-lost German warship Karlsruhe, famous for leading the assault on Kristiansand during the invasion of Norway in 1940. Until this discovery, Karlsruhe had remained the last World War Two German warship whose whereabouts were unknown.

Multibeam imagery of the wreck of the long-lost German warship Karlsruhe.
Multibeam imagery of the wreck of the long-lost German warship Karlsruhe.

During the project, iSURVEY's party chief Kjetil Høisæth was responsible for processing the collected data, which helped to uncover the identity of the wreck. When asked about the experience, he said: “Processing the data was exciting. We did several survey lines and I picked two that best covered the vessel. I spent some extra time processing it to make sure it looked as good as possible and I’m really pleased with the outcome”.

Since the conclusion of the project, the story has been picked up by the international media, with Reuters creating a compilation of the videos that were made on discovery of the wreck. Please view the video below.

Read more about the project on the Statnett website and through NRK.

Statnett: Unique discovery on the seabed

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