Italian Hydrographic Institute Joins Italian Hydrographic Society - 17/07/2017

The Italian Hydrographic Society (IHS) is pleased to announce that the Italian Hydrographic Institute is now a member. With its acceptance, IHS is able to count on their expertise on hydrographic subjects, in this way the association will be able to widespread the hydrographic culture all over the country.

The Italian Hydrographic Institute is in charge of all the official nautical documentation published in Italy, and it has always played an active role in the study and in the protection of the sea, from a scientific, technological and environmental point of view, through projects carried out with universities and research centres in Italy and abroad.

To strengthen this collaboration, the IHS Board decided to appoint, C.V. Luigi Sinapi, present Director of Italian Hydrographic Institute, as Italian represenative for the International Federation of Hydrographic Societies (IFHS), of which IHS has been a full member since 2013.

C.V. Luigi Sinapi finds there is much to do for hydrography in Italy and having the opportunity to exchange ideas and practices during IFHS meetings will allow the IHS to establish its presence in this field on an international level.

Last updated: 27/02/2018