iXBlue Launches ROVINS NANO - 15/03/2016

On the evening before the opening of OI 2016, iXBlue literally unveiled the ROVINS NANO. This compact unit provides highly accurate positioning at all depths, including for middle water station keeping. ROVINS NANO has been designed for ROV pilots performing maintenance and construction operations. It offers the unbeatable stability and accuracy of the inertial position, outputting true north, roll, pitch and rotation rates. iXBlue also updated the audience on developments within the company.

Where the Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) has limitations, especially when operating in middle water, ROVINS NANO is now there to guarantee optimal navigation safety. According to Paul Wysocki, in the future it will no longer be necessary to use a DVL: even in 'sparse array' LBL fields, with the presence of only one or two beacons, the combination between ROVINS NANO and the RAMSES acoustic system enables extremely accurate positioning data to be achieved. iXBlue thus provides more flexibility to its customers. By avoiding the use of DVL, operators undeniably reduce their operational and associated calibration costs.


Last updated: 30/11/2020