Kickstart for Careers of Six Trainees

Kickstart for Careers of Six Trainees

Six trainees from coastal communities in the South West started their new careers this week as Offshore Marine Academy kicked off its first training programme. Over the coming twelve months they will be paid as they gain a comprehensive knowledge in commercial diving, ROV (remotely operated vehicle) training, jointing and engineering, cable installation, marine energy, hydrographic survey, navigation, and welding, as well as the basic health and safety accreditations.

 The chosen candidates come from varied backgrounds but they all have an interaction with the coastal and marine environment. They also share an enthusiasm to succeed in an offshore career.
The trainees will be placed offshore both in the UK and Europe on working vessels to gain exposure to operational projects in the marine field as well as the hands-on experience required to enter a career offshore. The course will also cover personal development, which will enable them to manage the challenges of an offshore lifestyle.

The course will run in eight-week cycles with two weeks in the classroom, four weeks offshore on placement, and two weeks rest.

On completion they can expect opportunities in the growing offshore renewable energy sector where they can utilise their skills to progress in a dynamic and challenging industry.

The Academy, an independent organisation within the Offshore Marine Management (OMM) group of companies, spent weeks interviewing and short-listing candidates aged between 18 and 25 for the upcoming Academy courses and the final candidates will now join the 12-month intensive Bristol-based course.

The Academy course will run until September 2011, whereupon it will repeat itself. Applications for 2011 will be accepted from June next year.

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