Klein Marine Selects Greensea Inertial Navigation for Multibeam Side-scan Sonar Towfish - 26/10/2018

Klein Marine Systems, a leading supplier of side scan sonar equipment and waterside security and surveillance systems, has chosen Greensea Systems to provide SWaP-C optimised inertial navigation for their high-performance side-scan sonar towfish products. The products utilise Greensea’s open architecture operating platform (OPENSEA), and a patent-pending heading alignment methodology.

"We chose the Greensea INSpect GS product family due to the price/performance alternatives offered as well as the additional sensor options that it supports,” said Dean Fleury, director of engineering for Klein. “The interface to the system is straightforward and the integration activities unfolded smoothly and quickly. The Greensea team was extremely responsive and their support during integration and testing was exceptional. The incorporation of a subsystem with this broad range of sensor functions allows Klein Marine Systems to focus on our core competency, sonar imaging, knowing that we are continuously receiving high-quality sensor data.”

“Our recent integration with [Klein's] flagship product (System 5900), is indicative of our strong commitment to support their success. We pushed ourselves to look for ways to trim costs without sacrificing performance and we were able to provide a customised solution that met their aggressive timeline.” said Marybeth Gilliam, Greensea’s COO.

Last updated: 05/03/2020