Kongsberg Digital President Wins ‘Digital Changemaker’ Award - 07/12/2017

Hege Skryseth, executive vice president of Kongsberg and president of Kongsberg Digital, has been named the Smart Ship Awards’ Digital Changemaker of the Year for her role as an ambassador for maritime digital development. Announced during the Smart Operations event in Singapore on 29 November, the award recognises Skryseth’s commitment to driving digital transformation in the shipping industry, from spearheading the development of the new Kognifai digital platform, to promoting the benefits of leveraging technology for positive change in her role as a thought leader and industry voice.

The independent judging panel of the Fathom Smart Ship Awards had a tough job across the four categories, especially for the Digital Changemaker where competition was tough. It all came down to Hege Skryseth’s role in driving forward real changes in Kongsberg and within the company’s clients, said Craig Eason, editorial director at Fathom Maritime Intelligence and member of the Smart Ship Awards judging panel.

“It’s been an amazing last 18 months since Kongsberg Digital was launched, and it is an honour to be selected for this award. However, this is a recognition to be shared with everyone at Kongsberg, partners and customers who contribute to driving digital change throughout the value chain. The Digital Changemaker award is theirs as much as mine,” Skryseth commented.

Digital transformation of the maritime industry

As head of Kongsberg Digital, Skryseth has led the development and launch of Kognifai, Kongsberg’s digital platform for customers in maritime, oil and gas, renewables and other related industries. While delivering a single holistic platform for Kongsberg-developed solutions, Kognifai is also completely open for third parties to use as a collaborative development platform and cloud-based solution for the distribution and operation of their own value-generating applications.

“Kongsberg has always been at the front of developing new, enabling technologies for our customers. We always seek to be a game changer. Our digital platform Kognifai is an example of being a pioneer in the digital space. Kognifai enables cross-industry collaboration and will catalyse digital transformation of the maritime industry. The platform is an open ecosystem, enabling close collaboration with our customers and partners to optimize and make operations safer and more efficient through digitalisation,” Skryseth said.

Open approach

Skryseth has spearheaded an open approach to digital transformation at Kongsberg and the industry. Her commitment to spreading the digital message was a key factor in her selection by the Smart Ship Awards judges as this year’s Digital Changemaker. Skryseth believes a lot has happened the last year within the industry, but that there’s still a lot to do and also learn from other industries when it comes to digitalization.

“In order to succeed, we need to break down the silos and collaborate across departments, across businesses, and even across industries. We need to work together to create solutions that utilize the vast amounts of data that are generated. We have a lot to learn from many other industries who are far more digitally matured,” Skryseth concluded.

Last updated: 12/12/2017