Lighthouse Involved in ISG Programme for Lebanon - 03/11/2016

Lighthouse, a supplier of equipment for the Italian Navy, is involved in the International Support Group (ISG) programme for Lebanon. ISG is aimed at coordinating and developing training activities to enhance the growth of the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) through donations of equipment and qualified training courses.

Within the programme, last Thursday Italy presented the Lebanese Navy with a vessel specially equipped for conducting hydrographic surveys, at a ceremony held in the Beirut naval base. The 7.5 metre vessel appears modest from the outside, but houses sophisticated electronic equipment for carrying out undersea measurements, including single and multi-beam echosounders and a system that facilitates greater precision by compensating for the roll and pitch of the boat.

Italy's Ambassador Delivers the Lebanese Navy Boat

Lighthouse, supplier of equipment for the Italian Navy, has equipped the presented vessel with a NORBIT dual head sonar system model WBMS, carrying out the installation and the testing of the system. Lighthouse has provided the Lebanese Navy Operative Staff with a specific training course on the Norbit WBMS system, using the Navigation Software QINSy.

The task was performed during the days 17-21 October 2016 on the Lebanese Navy Base located in Beirut, with both sea test and post-acquisition data management in order to achieve the best knowledge for the Navy Staff.

The vessel will be able to carry out hydrographic surveys and gather data on depths, currents, tides, and topographic features of the seabed and coast. The data will be used to produce charts for maritime navigation and construction, as well as dredging, offshore Oil & Gas exploration and extraction.

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