LinkQuest Enters Multibeam Echosounder Market - 16/11/2015

LinkQuest, USA, recently added a multibeam echosounder product into its family of acoustic instruments. The EchoSweep 300 multibeam echosounder is a high-resolution, highly robust and cost-effective swath bathymetric system for mapping the sea floor, inland waterways and reservoirs.

The EchoSweep 300 system is capable of reaching up to 280 metres in range with 140 beams. It operates at 260kHz and has a swath coverage of 140 degrees. The EchoSweep 300 multibeam echosounder maps the sea floor by a sweep of very narrow acoustic beams. It can map the sea floor faster and in more detail than a single-beam echosounder, thereby significantly reducing the user’s survey time and cost. The EchoSweep 300 system can be used for hydrographic and bathymetric surveys, underwater inspections, dredging, pipe-line inspection, cable-laying and many other underwater applications.

Last updated: 26/02/2020