Liquid Robotics Introduces New Wave Glider Platform - 12/09/2019

Liquid Robotics, a manufacturer of long-duration unmanned surface vehicles (USVs), is introducing its newest Wave Glider. The USV features advancements to shoreside operations and in-water performance enabling customers to mobilize, deploy and operate fleets of vehicles more efficiently, the company states. “Over the years, our customers’ missions have grown in complexity and scale, operating in one of the most challenging environments on Earth – the ocean,” said Dave Allen, Chief Executive Officer, Liquid Robotics. “In response, we’ve continued to raise the bar for unmanned surface vehicles.”


This release builds on the current Wave Glider capabilities with the following advancements:

  • 6x increase in computing power – a new NVIDIA Tegra chip provides investment protection for current and future processing-intensive applications and payloads
  • Higher power solar panels, combined with more power-efficient components, enable customers to generate more power while consuming less
  • Simplified pre-launch operations, including a new Rapid Stand and Crate that streamlines storage, transport, and mobilization, enabling customers to deploy a vehicle in 1/3 the time previously possible
  • Next-level advancements in ruggedizing the platform for extreme sea states to meet the most demanding customer operations 

About Liquid Robotics, A Boeing Company

Liquid Robotics designs and manufactures the Wave Glider, the first wave and solar-powered unmanned ocean robot. With our partners, we address many of the planet’s greatest challenges, by transforming how to assess, monitor and protect the ocean. We solve critical problems for the defence, commercial, and science customers.

Last updated: 04/09/2020