MacArtney and Meyah Ich Ha Join Forces in Offshore Mexico - 02/06/2014

The MacArtney Underwater Technology Group, headquartered in Denmark, has entered into a representative agreement with the Mexican ROV and subsea service company, Meyah Ich Ha, who is set to administer the promotion and sales of MacArtney systems and products within the Mexican part of the Gulf of Mexico region.

The name Meyah Ich Ha originates from Mayan culture and means "work under water" - and based out of Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico coast, Meyah Ich Ha provides ROV services, ROV pilot training and counselling of the highest quality. The projects undertaken by Meyah Ich Ha are primarily based on subsea inspection and surveying, maintenance and repair of underwater infrastructure, drilling support, electric power plant and nuclear environment tasks, civil infrastructure, research, rescue, salvage, dive support, fish farms, water tanks, contaminated water and dams.

Joining forces to achieve growth
Through the provision of access to key underwater technology segments, contacts, local knowledge and strategic locations, the appointment of Meyah Ich Ha as MacArtney representative, marks a significant strengthening of MacArtney's presence in offshore Mexico. In turn, Meyah Ich Ha will gain access to the entire portfolio of globally established MacArtney systems and products, including the SubConn connector range which is in high demand across Mexican marine industries. In further support of the new setup, all clients located in Mexican West Coast region will still have access to full support from the local MacArtney operations in San Diego (US). 

Last updated: 19/02/2020