MacArtney Introduces New Managing Director for Asia Pacific

MacArtney Introduces New Managing Director for Asia Pacific

MacArtney has announced a change at the top for their Singapore office, serving the APAC area. Steen Frejo, the outgoing managing director of MacArtney’s regional hub in Singapore, was responsible for proposing and setting up a local presence in the APAC area in 2013, concentrating on servicing the regional markets. 

The move can safely be regarded as a success, and MacArtney now has well-established offices and 21 employees in Singapore, Australia and China with an expanding and loyal customer base. Frejo will be succeeded by Anthony Gleeson, former regional vice president Asia of Sonardyne.

One of the Pioneers

Steen Frejo is among the first MacArtney employees and joined on 2 May 1984 as employee number 7. In his new position as sales director, he will be based at MacArtney headquarters in Denmark and be responsible for sales out of Denmark, including new distributor and regional operation start-ups. Frejo gained a wealth of experience for his new role, building up business in the APAC area. 

Experienced Successor

Anthony Gleeson took over as managing director of MacArtney Asia Pacific on 1 November 2021. He joined Sonardyne in 2009 as regional sales manager based in Singapore with previous experience in the subsea industry gained from Teledyne TSS. Anthony’s brief at Sonardyne was to focus on China in particular, which was achieved with considerable success, as he rose to become regional vice president Asia. In this position, he and his team focused on oil & gas, defence and ocean science, with renewables becoming more and more prominent in recent years.

“I probably used a MacArtney connector on my very first day working offshore in the mid-1990s. I believe there is a high degree of synergy in the subsea technology industry, and I look forward immensely to working at MacArtney, a truly progressive and innovative market leader,” said Anthony upon being appointed managing director of MacArtney Asia Pacific.

Managing director Steen Frejo – MacArtney Asia Pacific Operations – hands over the helm to successor Anthony Gleeson.

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