Magellan DG14 RTK GPS Board - 25/05/2007

The DG14 RTK offers high-precision in a low-cost GNSS unit. The DG14 RTK from Magellan is a sub-meter GNSS (GPS + SBAS) and Beacon receiver. DG14 RTK was developed to meet the needs of demanding high-precision applications for machine control, agriculture, aviation, military, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), robotics, marine survey and navigation.

DG14 RTK customers can choose from a fixed centimeter solution or a “flying RTK” decimeter solution. Because it offers an optimized mix of speed and accuracy, the decimeter mode makes DG14 RTK the perfect solution for customers who need decimeter accuracy but don’t want to spend the typical time necessary to achieve a decimeter fix. BLADE enables decimeter accurate position collection in about one-third of the time of the traditional float solution. In addition, BLADE enables DG14 RTK to support moving base operation and heading plus pitch/roll computation with auto-calibration for easy initialization. For best results, DG14 RTK rovers can be configured to use SBAS signals in addition to GPS for RTK positioning with any RTCM 3.0-compatible base station. Applications include marine navigation and survey, aviation, UAV, and military applications that can take advantage of the DG14 RTK moving base, relative navigation and heading, pitch and roll computation for precise and accurate positioning, navigation and tracking of vessels for demanding operating environments at sea, land, and air that require reliable decimeter or centimeter accuracies.

  Last updated: 23/02/2020