Magnetometer Option for Iver2 - 24/10/2012

OceanServer Technology, USA, has partnered with Marine Magnetics to bring a new magnetometer option to the Iver2 family of AUVs. This new AUV-towed device, coupled to enhanced data-logging software features, enables existing or new Iver2 AUVs to collect high-quality georeferenced magnetometer data.

The Marine Magnetics Explorer is the world’s smallest, lightest, and most efficient high-sensitivity total-field magnetometer with high-resolution output at 0.02nT RMS/rt-Hz. Pairing this powerful sensor with the Iver2 AUV provides users with a powerful new survey approach for collecting magnetic data.

AUVs can accurately sweep large areas at a defined height off the seabed with minimum on-site support, and create geo-registered records for post-processing in any preferred analysis software. In addition, the recent development of very high resolution sonar from Klein (UUV-3500) and Edgetech (2205) will allow users to collect photo like images of targets along with high-accuracy magnetometer data. This ability to simultaneously collect and fuse both datasets adds a new capability for shallow waters and resolution-intensive applications such as mine countermeasures (MCMs), UXO identification, and debris mapping. The Explorer option also extends the Iver platform into traditional magnetometer markets such as inshore geophysical surveys, archaeology/wreck detection, magnetic mapping of harbours and ferrous target detection.

Last updated: 07/03/2021