Maiden Voyage of Surveyor Interceptor Moved Traditional Boundaries - 10/08/2015

Compared to the techniques used to date, the outcome of the first survey conducted by MMT’s SROV in March 2015 was much higher-resolution imagery and multibeam data in less than half of the time: a world first. Read Hydro International's interview with Ola Oskarsson, founder of marine surveying company MMT and project manager for the Surveyor Interceptor.

What made you think of developing the Surveyor Interceptor SROV?

After almost 40 years in the business I felt that there had to be a better way than using Work Class ROVs for advanced hydrographic surveys. A Work Class ROV is a machine constructed to replace divers underwater. It is equipped with videos, manipulators and mobility in all directions. When you equip it with survey equipment many problems arise: the hull is not hydrodynamic, the structure creates false echoes from the echo sounders side lobes, the vehicle is slow and noisy and the positioning struggles to get clear signals.

Last updated: 01/12/2020