Major Funding for Remote Operations Survey Processing Project

Major Funding for Remote Operations Survey Processing Project

Teledyne CARIS, a Teledyne Technologies company, has announced significant funding from Canada’s Ocean Supercluster award to develop software for remote operations survey processing. This is in alignment with the company’s leading AI strategy. Canada’s Ocean Supercluster will contribute CA$944,000 to the CA$2.1 million project.

The CARIS Cloud Technology Project will break down technical barriers to entry for hydrographic processing and charting in support of remote operations.

Teledyne CARIS’ project aims at three targeted deliverables:

1. The enhancement of its desktop-based product line to leverage the cloud to deliver consistent access for global users in every possible circumstance.
2. Support for remote mapping operations to underpin advancements in ocean robotics. 
3. Infuse its passion in future ocean mappers with access to virtual training through the CARIS Cloud Platform.

Hydrographic Charting from Home

Moving the product to a cloud-based platform enables employees to work remotely from home or an office, rather than spending months at sea.

The company has partnered with Ocean Floor Geophysics (OFG), a pioneering CARIS customer with vast experience in using the company’s software with autonomous vehicles. This real-world experience (and location on Canada’s west coast) made them an ideal collaborator and provide a national perspective.

Teledyne CARIS' Andy Hoggarth presents the CARIS Cloud Technology Program strategy at the Canada's Ocean Supercluster Award announcement.

In addition to OFG, Teledyne CARIS will be working with other stakeholders to assist on training, including the University of New Brunswick and Memorial Universities Marine Institute. Both universities offer CARIS software as part of their curriculum. Other stakeholders include CIDCO from Quebec and H2i, a consultancy from Ottawa specializing in Ocean Mapping strategy.

“We are excited to continue innovating in support of remote operations through the design and execution of the CARIS Cloud Program. Collaborating with Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is something we have been keen to do and through the Accelerated Ocean Solutions Program we have found our platform. This project has special meaning to Teledyne CARIS as a Canadian endeavour with a global impact,” stated Andy Hoggarth, vice president sales and marketing at Teledyne CARIS.

See the full CARIS Cloud Project award announcement from Canada’s Ocean Supercluster below.

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