Marine Data Infrastructure Conference: Investing in Marine Technology - 21/12/2016

As hydrographic data gains more importance in marine exploitation activities and ocean protection initiatives, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) governments are investing in advanced technology for data integration, management and access. The 2nd Annual Marine Data Infrastructure GCC 2017 will be held from 30-31 January 2017 in Dubai, UAE.

The event will provide a specialised platform for the GCC to support knowledge-share between marine stakeholders, authorities, consultant and experts to gain insight into data acquisition, marine solutions and innovations to integrate and optimise the use of technology in marine projects (oil and gas, islands construction, canals, ports) and to share data between all professionals of this sector, regionally and worldwide.

Latest Marine Technology

In June 2015, Abu Dhabi completed a satellite-based habitat mapping project worth millions of dollars. With Dubai’s Expo 2020 win, substantial investments have been made to increase the Emirate’s coastline. Kuwait has signed a partnership for marine data collection to support sustainable marine management in the state’s coastal waters. Latest marine technology implementation is taking place as Sohar Port of Oman is increasing connectivity with the world.

With more projects to be announced in the coming months, the importance of integrating existing technical capabilities and information into a framework for GCC marine data infrastructure rises.

The 2nd Annual Marine Data Infrastructure GCC 2017 will provide insight into international and regional case studies, to analyse operations approaches processes and methods, to integrate new technology and to share marine data.

For further information about the conference, please visit or contact Celine Yazbeck.


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