Marine Themes and Raster Charts Go Global - 09/10/2012

UK-based OceanWise has established off-the-shelf marine mapping datasets that meet the needs of the most demanding applications. These datasets include raster charts, marine themes and the recently released marine themes DEM. These marine mapping is now available globally from established UK-based digital mapping distributors, FIND Mapping and as well as from local in-country distributors.

The data is provided for immediate download in open GIS formats under licence or as subscription based Web Mapping and Feature Services (OGC WMS and WFS).

OceanWise’s MD, Dr Mike Osborne, who has pioneered the development of marine GIS, Marine SDI and marine mapping for over 12 years explains that Hydrographic Offices and other marine agency data is required to support numerous offshore applications from environment protection to economic development. In the past many organisations have been unwilling to make this data available in a form that can be used readily in GIS or on the Web. OceanWise have been working with numerous Hydrographic Offices worldwide to build the necessary understanding and now have a portfolio of agreements that provide good coverage across Europe and farther afield. We will continue to support and work with our partners and stakeholders to make truly global marine datasets available for use in GIS at the earliest opportunity, and at all scale levels.

OceanWise and its distributors are able to combine marine themes and raster charts with data from other national and international agencies to provide a complete marine geospatial data solution. Projects are charged by value of the service and not by applying excessive product and licence fees. 

Last updated: 24/02/2020