Mathias Jonas Elected as New IHO Secretary General - 01/05/2017

During the First IHO Assembly, Mathias Jonas (Germany) was elected as new Secretary General of the IHO. He will work with Abri Kampfer (South Africa) and Mustafa Iptes (Turkey) as subordinate Directors. The new team will take office by 1 September 2017, leading the IHO Secretariat that is established in Monaco.

Mathias Jonas is a Master Mariner, PhD Nautical Engineering, Reserve Officer German Navy, National Hydrographer and vice president of the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency, and has represented Germany in IMO and IHO organs since 1998. Chairman of IHO´s Hydrographic Standards and Services Committee, overseeing a total of nine technical standardisation working groups.

Captain Abraham Kampfer joined the SA Navy in 1979 and qualified as a warfare officer with particular specialist skills relating to mine warfare, before completing a CAT A Advanced survey course at RNHMS Drake and a post graduate qualification from Plymouth University. He was appointed Hydrographer of the South African Navy in 2004 and represents South Africa at various committees of the International Hydrographic Organization. He is the current chairman of the IHO Regional Hydrographic Commission, Southern Africa and Islands Hydrographic Commission.  He has been an active participant in IHO Capacity Building initiatives by conducting several IHO Technical visits to countries within Southern Africa.

Mustafa Iptes served as the Hydrographer of Turkey from 2006 to 2010 and assumed the chairmanship of the MBSHC from 2009 to 2010. He was elected as a director of the IHO in 2012 and has been responsible for the management of the Inter-Regional Coordination and Suppport programme including promotion of the IHO Capacity Building programme.

Running up to the elections, Hydro International has interviewed all candidates for office. They all answered the same 5 questions. Please find their interviews online: You also can go directly to the interviews:


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