Measurement Contract Offshore Norway - 18/06/2009

Metocean Services International (MSI) has been awarded a one-year current measurement programme for nine locations in the far north of Norway (their 2nd long-term contract to be awarded in Norway within a year). The Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) has initiated this study to increase their understanding and knowledge on metocean data in the Lofoten - VesterĂ¥len area in Nordland county.



The observations will also be given to support the Mareano programme. Some rigs with current profilers are already in place in the area and OLF is extending the current programmes with additional moorings.


For this programme MSI will deploy nine separate moorings, each fitted with a current profiler (frequency depending on water depth) and CTD logger. The moorings will be serviced at intervals of three months using a vessel to be chartered by MSI. The project will be mobilised from Sandnessjoen. Positions have been designated according to the least conflict with fisheries (tracking system). The positions have been published in Notices to Mariners, and informations given to the Norwegian Fishermen`s Association, the Norwegian Coastal Administration and to the Coast Guard.


The measurement programme is planned to last for 1 year, with servicing of the mooring scheduled for every 3 months. During the servicing, all moorings will be recovered onboard, data downloaded, new batteries fitted and all mooring components replaced prior to redeployment.



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