Meritaito to Use QPS Qimera for Data Processing - 22/01/2016

Meritaito (Finland) has adopted QPS Qimera for its bathymetry data processing requirements. Last year alone Meritaito surveyed 8,000 square kilometres of seabed and lakes, which required fast and accurate data turnaround times. Qimera’s architecture and workflow allows Meritaito to handle these massive datasets like never before. Recording data online using QINSy also contributes to a smooth process as real-time flagged data is preserved through to Qimera, thus keeping the surveyor's knowledge and input.

Meritaito and QPS have worked closely to enhance features in Qimera which make it easier to deliver data to their clients, such as the Finnish Transport Agency. Duncan Mallace, head of Business Development at QPS, commented that Meritaito has some of the toughest requirements for bathymetry processing, due to the Baltic Sea terrain and also the exceptionally high standard required by the regional hydrographic offices. QPS is also looking forward to improving Qimera with Meritaito’s ongoing feedback.

Last updated: 19/02/2020