Mini-sparker for University of Perpignan - 18/12/2013

The University of Perpignan (France) has come into possession of the new generation of SIG mini-sparker. The SIG Pulse S1 is a 35kg energy source with easy power adjustment: from 20 to 300 joules in small steps of 10 between 20 and 60 joules and in steps of 20 above that. This enables the energy to be tuned according to the geological environment.

The CEFREM is a research unit of the university specialised in the coastal environment. The researches are focusing on material and energy transfers at the interfaces of the coastal system. The research team is composed of sedimentologists, geochemists, biologists and physicians. The new equipment will be used in courses for the Master in Marine Geosciences and Aquatic Environments.

Last updated: 27/02/2018