Model 765-16B Barometric Standard - 29/06/2005

Paroscientific has introduced a new, high-accuracy, portable barometric standard. The Model 765-16B offers microbar resolution and 0.08hPa accuracy. It features intuitive front panel controls, a variety of built-in metrology calculations, a two-line backlit display with user-selectable functions, an internal data logger, enhanced remote configuration and control capability, and free software. Also included are the aviation meteorological functions, ICAO Q-signals, WMO tendency codes and our 3-year stability warranty. Optionally available for use with the Model 765-16B and all other Digiquartz Barometric Instruments is the High Performance Pressure Port (DigiPort), providing barometric accuracy better than 0.08hPa in strong winds and other difficult environmental conditions.

Last updated: 04/09/2020