Monitoring of Sediment Displacement

Monitoring of Sediment Displacement

During current pipelaying activities in German waters for the North Stream pipeline between Russia and the EU, Aqua Vision BV performed vessel-based tracking of water column characteristics in the vicinity of dredging and pipelaying activities. The measurement programme involved monitoring during two pipelaying phases: dredging and pipelaying.

Combining high-resolution data collection (using Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers) and real-time plume detection software (ViSea-PDT) makes it possible to map the size and concentration of sediment plumes. This information is subsequently used to validate predictions based on numerical modelling studies.

Sediment monitoring is part of a larger monitoring programme, involving modelling studies and moored sediment trap, ensuring that the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline has the most up-to-date information on sediment displacement effects during pipelaying activities.

Environmental monitoring of sediment displacement during each phase of pipelaying activity assures an accurate grasp of the environmental effects of pipelaying, and allows the validation of previous modeling studies.

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