Multi-sensor Sentinel Solid Streamer - 11/06/2013

Sercel’s Sentinel MS is a multi-sensor solid streamer to address the needs of the E&P industry for ever-more detailed and accurate images of the subsurface. Sentinel MS builds on the Sentinel solid streamer. In addition to the pressure measurement provided by its hydrophone sensor, the Sentinel MS features two acceleration components offering directional measurements for both cross-line and vertical wave fronts to deliver multi-sensor datasets for enhanced broadband imaging.

Fully compatible with Nautilus, Sercel’s powerful all-in-one streamer positioning system, Sentinel MS extends marine acquisition capabilities to a new level. The addition of directional measurements to the most advanced low-noise, low-frequency capabilities of Sercel’s Sentinel solid streamer family makes the new Sentinel MS the multi-sensor streamer system of choice in any geophysical environment.

Last updated: 23/02/2020