Naval content forms cornerstone of Oceanology International Americas

Naval content forms cornerstone of Oceanology International Americas

The highly anticipated Oceanology International Americas (OiA) event, which brings together experts in ocean technology, engineering and science, is just around the corner. With a prime location that allows for maximum participation from the US Navy, this 2023 gathering promises to be a comprehensive exploration of the latest advancements in marine and hydrographic fields.

The rise of technologies that protect and enhance human health and safety at sea is driving growth in the maritime industry. The focus on minimizing human risk and the increasing importance of maritime domain awareness are fuelling the development of uncrewed underwater and surface vehicles (UUVs and USVs) capable of performing a growing volume of surveillance, research and survey jobs. This multibillion-dollar industry holds significant promise for naval forces around the world.

Naval requirements push hydrography

OiA offers a one-of-a-kind subsea expo and conference in the heart of the burgeoning blue economy. The gathering is designed for naval decision makers and industry professionals from the maritime security sector, providing a platform to explore cutting-edge hardware such as positioning systems, Lidar, sonar, cameras, sensors and related technology. Beyond hardware, OiA also places a strong emphasis on ocean ICT, showcasing the software and communication systems that power ocean data acquisition, transfer and decision-making processes.

David Ince, event director for organizers RX Global, stated: “OiA will play host to some 2,000 ocean professionals looking to improve strategies for exploring, protecting and sustainably operating in the world’s oceans and waterways. Defence professionals have always played a key role in activities at OiA, simply because naval requirements drive so much of the forward edge of innovation and activity within these sectors. So many of the technologies our industry depends on, like the systems enabling autonomous vehicle operations, were first developed within or with the partnership of the naval sector. The innovations we need to help us find solutions in ocean technologies are, of course, not solely driven by the big players in our industry, so naval visitors will be able to find innovative solutions from new-to-market technologists and tech accelerators both on the show floor and in the Future Tech Hub.”

The Ocean Futures Conference at the event represents a focal point to which visitors and exhibitors alike can bring new ideas and help set the stage for positive change in and around the world’s oceans.

Oceanographer of the Navy

The conference features top experts from industry, government and academia for the latest insights. The opening keynote speakers on 14 February include Dr Rick Spinrad, Under Secretary of Commerce and NOAA Administrator, and Rear Admiral Piret, Commander of Naval Meteorology and Oceanographic Command. Dr Spinrad brings extensive military experience, including leadership positions at the US Office of Naval Research and Oceanographer of the Navy, where he received the Distinguished Civilian Service Award. Rear Admiral Piret has a distinguished career and currently serves as the Commander of Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command at Stennis Space Center.

With the annual AFCEA and Navy League event, WEST 2023, predicted to attract thousands of naval personnel, also taking place at the same venue, OiA is perfectly located for navy personnel to discover the latest in uncrewed systems, autonomy, robotics and ocean observation solutions and for technologists from around the world to connect with the US Navy.

For example, key leadership from US Naval Meteorological and Oceanographic Command will sit on a panel at 15:00 on 15 February to discuss current capability and future requirements for working with industry for improved maritime domain awareness through the utilization of innovative ocean data collection, modelling, ocean tech and uncrewed systems. Captain Christi Montgomery, Commanding Officer, Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Command, Captain Kate Hermsdorfer, Commanding Officer, Fleet Numerical Weather Center, SD and Rodney Ladner, Technical Director, Naval Oceanographic Office are all due to speak.

Meeting potential collaborators

OiA’s event organizers RX Global operate a group of worldwide Oceanology International events and are well used to catering for the requirements of defence sector VIPs, continued David Ince: “Our defence sector visitors and stakeholders trust us to understand their requirements for privacy and confidentiality. One really useful tool at their disposal this year is our brokered meetings offering. The b2match event on Tuesday 14 and Wednesday 15 February will give attendees the opportunity to meet potential collaborators and business partners during pre-arranged 20-minute meetings and create real business development opportunities with exhibitors and visitors. Naval decision makers, who are often in great demand at events like ours, can meet who they want through b2match in a controlled environment that is both efficient and time-limited.”

San Diego harbour at sunset. (Photo: Jill Bazeley/Flickr)
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