New 8242 XS Load Release from ORE - 25/10/2003

ORE has introduced its new 8242XS Heavy Load Release designed for use in a variety of underwater applications, including construction and deployment of devices such as cables, where sub-sea acoustically activated separation is required. The Heavy Load Release is a full ocean depth unit tested to release loads up to 100,000lbs (45,200kg) and incorporates the 8242XS release / transponder. ORE has also developed a series of new shallow water products, including a release acoustic actuator and a pop-up buoy system. These devices were designed for use in coastal mooring and platform applications and for remote control of a variety of submerged devices. All these products utilise the same command code structure (BACS) and high sensitivity receiver circuits that are used in the time-proven deep-water releases.

Last updated: 27/02/2018