New CTD, Multi-channel and Single-channel Loggers - 13/03/2018

Canada’s RBR is showcasing its new Generation³ CTD, multi-channel and single-channel loggers at Oi18. Generation³ is the complete renovation of the core product line, encompassing the standard loggers RBRvirtuoso, RBRduo, RBRconcerto and RBRmaestro, the compact loggers RBRsolo and RBRduet, and the standalone sensors RBRcoda. 

Two primary factors can sum up RBR’s Generation³ instruments: 1) As an industry first, all RBR’s Generation³ instruments will now feature the USB-C connector as the standardised connector, making it easier for users to have one cable that fits all, and 2) Any type of AA batteries – from alkaline to lithium – can be used on every instrument.

In addition, all standard Generation³ instruments now come equipped with twist activation and include the hardware for Wi-Fi. Users have the choice whether they would like to enable Wi-Fi at the time of purchase or later on, as it can be easily turned on remotely from RBR headquarters. 

Last updated: 20/03/2018