New CTD Plus and New SV Plus - 28/07/2004

Updated versions of Applied Microsystems' CTD Plus oceanographic instrument and SV Plus sound velocity profiler will be commercially available by end-of-summer of 2004. Major new features of this release include:
- Share Remote Sensors: any remote sensor purchased for use with the new Plus can be used with other Applied Microsystems Plus or Micro instruments
- USB Data Download: the new Plus comes standard with USB download capability to accelerate access to data once the instrument has been removed from water. Access to the USB port is via a removable threaded cap, which will expose the USB connector. The USB connector itself is located in a water-blocked header
- Choice of Sound Velocity Sensor: in the new SV Plus, users can choose between our traditional stainless-steel invar rod sound velocity sensor or our high-performance, high-tech composite sound velocity sensor
- Upgraded Pressure Sensor: pressure accuracies have been improved from 0.15%FS to 0.05%FS in the new SV Plus and the new CTD Plus. For applications requiring even greater accuracy, users can upgrade to a 0.01%FS DigiQuartz pressure sensor
- Plug & Play Remote Sensors: in the new Plus, remote sensors are no longer assigned to specific connectors on the instrument end-cap. Any analog (or digital or TTL) sensor can be plugged into any analog (or digital or TTL) connector, greatly simplifying field maintenance.

Last updated: 17/01/2021