New ESRI Charting Solution - 13/02/2004

ESRI has introduced its new Production Line Tool Set (PLTS) Nautical Charting Solution, which includes data loading, single-click editing, extraction and quality control production tools, as well as a product-specific geodatabase model. PLTS is a collection of software applications built on top of ArcGIS, for high-volume database production, maintenance, quality control, and high-quality cartographic output.
The new solution includes PLTS GIS Data ReViewer and Map Production System (MPS), which are quality control and map generation components. PLTS GIS Data ReViewer enables users to maintain data quality throughout a project, and MPS facilitates the production of cartographic products. The solution also includes Job Tracking for ArcGIS (JTX), a workflow management application that simplifies many aspects of job management and streamlines workflow.
Using the PLTS Nautical Charting Solution enables:
- Production and maintenance of Digital Nautical Chart (DNC) databases to National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) standards in Vector Product Format (VPF)
- Creation of Harbour, Approach and Coastal (HAC) chart cartographic products
- Compilation and editing of nautical data from hardcopy nautical charts, VPF data, bathymetric survey information, imagery and other sources
- Ensuring data quality control with built-in quality assurance/ quality control (QA/QC) tools
The PLTS Nautical Charting Solution operates on Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP and requires ArcEditor or ArcInfo. The PLTS Nautical Charting Solution includes both desktop and workstation software.

Last updated: 17/01/2021