New IHO Guidelines for Hydrographic Geospatial Data - 16/06/2020

The IHO has published new guidelines for the development of product specifications for the creation of hydrographic geospatial data. Modern navigation systems and geospatial solutions use digital data from a variety of sources. In order to facilitate the integration of hydrographic data and applications, the IHO developed S-100, a hydrographic geospatial data standard that can support this array and that is fully aligned with international geospatial standards, in particular the ISO 19000 series.

The aim of the new S-97 guidelines is to assist in the creation of harmonized product specifications utilizing S-100 for implementation within the e-Navigation ecosystem. This encompasses all product specifications created for use in IMO-defined e-Navigation systems, both on shore and at sea, such as ECDIS. However, S-100 also has a wide range of applications that can extend beyond e-Navigation.

Standardized Product Specifications

S-100 is inherently more flexible than S-57 and makes provision for such things as the use of imagery and gridded data types, enhanced metadata and multiple encoding formats. It also provides a more flexible and dynamic maintenance regime for features, attributes and portrayal via a dedicated online registry. S-100 provides a framework of components that enables the building of standardized product specifications for the modelling of hydrographic data, thus providing true interoperability between different data standards and systems.

S-97 is intended for developers and maintainers of product specifications that utilize the IHO framework standard S-100 (Universal Hydrographic Data Model).

Last updated: 28/11/2020