New K-Pos Dynamic Positioning Controller - 24/08/2006

The new K-Pos Dynamic Positioning Controller (DPC), based on Kongsberg System Technology, has been shown for the first time on the Kongsberg Maritime stand at ONS 2006. The unique design of the new DPC extends the principles of system segregation and redundancy that result in the robustness and high system availability of the Kongsberg Maritime K-Pos Dynamic Positioning system. The system utilises a scalable module concept which corresponds to the overall architecture of a DP system and may be equipped with up to three processor units, supporting single, dual and triple redundant DP control systems. The processors are synchronized on a dual network that is separated from the process network, which is reserved for communication with other segments of a vessel system using Kongsberg System Technology. This solution ensures that the DP controller will continue operation even if there is a system failure at a higher level, providing increased redundancy and therefore safety and operational reliability.

Last updated: 27/11/2020