New Leadership Roles with Tesla Offshore LLC

New Leadership Roles with Tesla Offshore LLC

Tesla Offshore, USA, has announced the retirement of Randall P. Bergeron as president and CEO of the company, effective from 15 December 2014. It was also announced that Tesla Offshore co-founder and current senior vice president of Sales & Marketing, C. D. Schempf, Jr., will assume the leadership role as president of Tesla Offshore. Fellow co-founder, Donald W. Spicer, will continue in his role as senior vice president and general manager of the company.

In a message to Tesla Offshore employees, Bergeron said that while his tenure at the helm has afforded him a wealth of life experiences and professional relationships with remarkable people from around the world, in all of his 34 years in the industry, “ ... nothing has compared to the privilege of leading the employees of Tesla Offshore LLC and the joy of watching our families grow and prosper together as we set out to provide the best possible survey services available”.

Beginning in early 2015, Bergeron will assume the role of executive director of Tesla Offshore LLC, and continue to contribute as a valuable member of Tesla Offshore leadership. C.D. Schempf, Jr. (pictured) is a 19-year veteran of the offshore survey service industry and, together with Bergeron, Spicer and two others, established Tesla Offshore LLC in 2004. Then, as now, the company adheres to a simple, yet uncompromising, business philosophy: demand integrity of yourself and your co-workers; offer only the highest-quality compliant products and services; and focus on customer satisfaction as the best measure of success. That these characteristics remain a guiding force at Tesla Offshore today is no accident, says Schempf, but is instead a conscious commitment “to keep integrity, quality and regard for customer service as the primary focus of business relationships, today and into the future”.

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