New Midas BathyPack - 01/04/2005

Valeport has released a new Precision Depth Profiler, the Midas BathyPack.
The BathyPack uses high accuracy sensors to calculate a Density profile of the water column, which enables real time conversion of pressure data into precision depth measurements; additional altimeter input and sound velocity data from the renowned miniSVS allow the exact position in the water column to be measured.
The BathyPack features details such as a pressure port to prevent the build up of salt crystals, and Valeport's latest Conductivity sensor, which uses digital signal processing and specially selected materials to virtually eliminate long term drift and dimensional changes at depth.
The device is supplied with BathyLog, a new Windows-based software package that both logs and provides a graphical illustration of the incoming data. BathyLog will also accept data from up to 4 remote pressure sensors such as Valeport's own Modus IPS device, applying the BathyPack's measured Density profile to all of them in real time, and therefore allowing precise Pressure/Depth conversions for multiple positions within a localised environment.

Last updated: 27/11/2020