New Models Added to Octopus Range of Precision Attitude and Positioning Systems

New Models Added to Octopus Range of Precision Attitude and Positioning Systems

CodaOctopus has introduced several new models to its range of precision attitude and positioning systems. The new products are launched on the strength of the success of the Octopus F180 Precision Attitude and Positioning System which creatively reapplies technology originally developed for the extreme world of motor racing.
The newly expanded Octopus F180 series includes new variants with enhanced performance to meet the widest range of requirements and now comprises:

  • Octopus F190 – with dual frequency GPS and integral satellite differential receiver
  • Octopus F185 – with dual frequency GPS and 1cm RTK capability
  • Octopus F180 – standard system with 20cm RTK and DGPS capability.

The Octopus F190 includes an integrated satellite-broadcast differential correction receiver, enabling it to receive high-precision corrections from subscription services. Providing positional accuracy of up to 20cm without the need for any additional equipment, the F190 is targeted for use 'inland' such as within ports and harbours, rivers, canals and other waterways, applications include dredging, shipping channel and berth surveys, oceanographic research, construction monitoring and harbour security.
The F180 series models combine heading, position and motion sensing in the familiar, extremely compact and easy-to-use unit. All variants are equipped to receive WAAS and EGNOS corrections at no extra cost and can be further enhanced to include dual frequency (L1/L2) on the secondary antenna for rapid heading initialization and improved immunity to drop-out. Offering the same high performance in terms of heading and motion accuracy, all systems can be upgraded to the next specification level.
To complement and enhance all Octopus F180 series systems, iHeave intelligent heave processing provides a superior heave capability and is included as standard with all systems.
Designed to detect and compensate for long period ocean swell of up to 70 seconds, iHeave can produce significantly more accurate heave in almost all situations such as during tight turns. Working on-line in near-real-time or as a post-process, iHeave generates high accuracy processed heave data in the most demanding of circumstances, increasing survey efficiency.

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