New Multi-purpose Work Vessel Completed - 14/11/2016

Recently, UMI SAN (Brazil) concluded the manufacture of the new multi-purpose work vessel Multicat Açu. It has a steel hull, one generator and seven hoists being one with 150 ton, three with 40 ton and three with 10 ton capacity. Hoist distribution around the vessel, two porticos with 200 and 40 capacity each and the satellite positioning with differential correction allows handling and positioning operations with many structures simultaneously at sea and ports. 

This multi-purpose work vessel was designed to work in severe sea conditions, reducing the work periody and increasing the safety of operation. At the moment, the focus of Multicat Açu is placing nautical signals and hoisting submerged structures during the new dredging stage in progress at Açu Port.

Dredging and Positioning 

Multicat Açu can support efficiently installation and maintenance of navigation route beacons and nautical signal systems, such as floating and articulated buoys, beacons and lighthouses. Futhermore, this multi-purpose can execute various maritime services, such as removal of buried and submerged structures (moorings, pipes, anchors and small wrecked vessels), besides lifting and moving various loads.

The UMI SAN board hopes that Multicat Açu will bring more competitiveness to the company, providing more efficiency in nautical signaling operations with greater safety and less diver intervention, besides contribute to the handling operations in the Brazil southeast ports, where there is a lack in the availability in the market for vessels like this multi-purpose work vessel.


Below an illustrative video with dredging activities of Multicat Açu.

Last updated: 26/05/2019