New Ocean Basemap for ArcGIS - 09/05/2014

Esri Ocean Basemap has released a new World Ocean Basemap. This release reflects a major change to the structure of the basemap, as the World Ocean Basemap now consists of two layers: the base layer with the hydrographic and terrestrial cartography, and a separate reference layer that contains the reference information and labels, such as soundings, subsurface feature names and administrative boundaries.

This change is expected to better serve the World Ocean Basemap community in their maps and applications. The Ocean Basemap team won’t be including new data or improvements to the older version of the basemap, which will be retired a year from now.

Accessing the World Ocean Basemap will be very familiar. When accessing the World Ocean Basemap from the Basemap Gallery in the viewer or ArcGIS for Desktop, users  will automatically get the latest version. Both the base layer and the reference layer will be added and active. It is possible to interact with the reference layer like one would with any other operational layer, giving the choice on whether or not to use the reference layer.

In addition to dealing with the two feature services bundled from the Basemap Matrix, users also can interact with the map layers as individual feature services. 

Last updated: 26/02/2020