New Oil-in-Water Sensor - 02/07/2004

Applied Microsystems announces the availability of Leak-Sentry, our new oil-in-water sensor.
Leak-Sentry is deployed underwater and uses fluorometry to detect emulsified or dissolved hydrocarbons. Unlike other fluorometers, Leak-Sentry is equipped with the necessary intelligence to rapidly characterise background hydrocarbon levels and alarm upon detection of incremental leaks or spills. Detection signals are communicated to a process control system, to a data-logger, or to any PC running Applied Microsystems' Spill-View software.
Leak-Sentry is ideal for integration onto oceanographic buoys for long-term environmental monitoring. Similarly, the instrument can be deployed at critical points on submerged pipelines for early-warning of possible leaks.
In the industrial world, Leak-Sentry can be easily placed at the point of exit of retained waters in sumps, wells, and drainage ditches. Placement at the point-of-exit assures maximum protection from hydrocarbon spills into the environment.
Combined with Spill-Sentry, Leak-Sentry offers the ability to monitor for hydrocarbon threats in three dimensions. Surface and sub-surface threats can be monitored together in the same Spill View application software program.

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