New POSPac Software Release

New POSPac Software Release

Applanix announced the launch of POSPac 4.2, incorporating a number of additions and enhanced features aimed at increasing data accuracy, and simplifying processing operations.
The Calibration and Quality Control module, designed for the airborne market, includes new tools for photogrammetry-specific applications. It offers efficient functionality for calibration and quality control tasks, plus a new optional tool for built-in semi-automatic tie-point generation, to support the calibration and quality control process. The software enhances the direct georeferencing capability of the Applanix POS AV products eliminating the need to use third party tie-point matching software.
The new release will allow customers to more effectively capitalise on the use of direct geo-referencing for photogrammetric applications. Using a single, easy-to-use interface, they can now carry out complete system calibration and mission-specific quality assurance. Users can automatically check, and if necessary correct for, errors in datum transformation, IMU boresight, and camera calibration. The software is unique to the industry and emphasises the Applanix commitment to remaining the industry leader in providing complete workflow solutions for direct geo-referencing.
In addition to the new module, benefits of the new release include options that allow GPS static-session processing in batch mode and tools to utilise the real-time navigation solution to speed up the POSPac alignment process and reduce the initialisation requirements.