New ROV Survey Package - 05/12/2005

Kongsberg Maritime has introduced an EM 3002 ROV Survey Package. It consists of a complete suite of imaging, positioning and communication hardware and software, and has been designed for straightforward installation and mobilisation on any ROV. The package includes:

  • EM 3002 single- or dual-head multi-beam echosounder
  • HIPAP 500 or 350 (P) SSBL acoustic positioning system
  • Hydro Acoustic Inertial Navigation (HAIN) and motion-sensing system
  • bathymetric sensor
  • doppler log.

Based on the EM 3002 multi-beam echosounder, this new package is capable of providing highly detailed pictures for close-up inspection work and detailed and accurate mapping, as well as acoustic imaging of the seabed. The EM 3002 is the ideal sensor for high-resolution inspection and survey system for ROV use. The system can be fitted with either one or two sonar heads each covering a sector of 130 degrees.
For producing correct and accurate seabed maps, the EM 3002 can be integrated with high-precision underwater positioning, which is provided by the tried-and-tested combination of HiPAP and HAIN.
The different package sensors and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) are fitted to the ROV and communicate with the surface mother ship through a fibreoptic telemetry system. There will be three computers integrated on the mother ship, one for the multi-beam echosounder, one for the acoustic positioning and one for the inertial navigation system.

Last updated: 26/02/2020