New Sound Velocity Sensor - 13/02/2004

The latest sound velocity sensor from Applied Microsystems Ltd. (AML) offers new hi-tech features in the smallest of packages. Available from OSIL, the Micro SV is constructed from new materials that eliminate thermal expansion and reduce corrosion. This means that users can obtain a greater level of accuracy at ± 0.05m/s, particularly in high-speed profiling applications, where the sensor can sample up to 25 times per second.
The Micro SV has the capability to log-date continuously or on demand and by user-selected time, depth or sound velocity increments. The user benefits from standard Windows compatible software, which allows data to be transferred to a PC for viewing, editing, graphing and printing. In addition to sound velocity, the Micro SV is available with sensors for temperature, pressure and further optional parameters.

Last updated: 06/08/2020