New Tool for Shallow Water Bathymetry

New Tool for Shallow Water Bathymetry

Unabara, a manufacturer of innovative tools for shallow water hydrography and oceanography, has announced its Hydro-2F Multi-Frequency Synthetic Beam Bathymetric & Sea Floor Sonar. The new solution provides both 200Khz precision bathymetry and narrow-beam low-frequency bathymetry.

Particularly suited for shallow waters, the user may field select a low acoustic frequency of 30, 28, 24, 18, 12, or 10Khz. As a supplement to the bathymetric data, the Hydro-2F provides acoustic backscatter data from the sea floor for Bottom Contrasting differences in sediment types.

Hydrographic survey software

With all electronics and transducer elements housed in a single below surface unit (BSU), the Hydro-2F interfaces directly with the user’s Windows-based PC.  The user then utilises his existing hydrographic mapping software;  or Unabara can provide seamless integration to Hydromagic survey software (by Eye4Software of The Netherlands).  This integrated package provides for not only dual frequency derived depth data, overlayed with GPS position and satellite photographs but also generates an augmented reality video and paper chart.  Sediment characteristics can be included on the resulting map presentatons.

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