New Version of S3 Multibeam Echosounder Unveiled

New Version of S3 Multibeam Echosounder Unveiled

WASSP has released the latest version of its S3 dedicated hydrographic survey MBES with the roll-out of a new real-time processing module. The S3 is launched as one of the world’s most cost-effective, professional survey and mapping multibeam echosounder solutions, able to survey up to ten times faster than a single-beam echosounder.

The world-recognized WASSP, which has over 20 years of experience in multibeam sounder technology and over 2,500 systems in the field, has released the latest product in its S-Series range with the updated S3 and S3r kit. The new S3 builds on previous iterations of the S3, improving both hardware and software to give amazing performance for money in the mid-range survey market.

Real-time Processing

The S3 combines data from a multibeam transducer, simultaneously generating a 120 degrees swath with up to 100 pings per second. This functionality now incorporates advanced signal processing from the new RPM (Real-time Processing Module) along with position, heading, motion and sound velocity to create an accurate bathymetric map that meets hydrographic survey standards such as IHO S-44 order 1b, 1a and Special Order, capable of mapping objects within 2cm depth accuracy. These new improvements make the WASSP S3 one of the world’s most cost-effective multibeam echosounders on the market.

The S3 includes an improved IP66 waterproof DRX processor, along with the new RPM and a high-performance fairing transducer perfect for pole or hull mounting.

WASSP’s own user-friendly CDX remains the primary UI and interfaces with an even greater range of third party software options, such as BeamworX, HYPACK, EIVA, Qinsy, SonarWiz, Echoview and many more. In addition to the standard package, a range of optional licenses are available such as Backscatter, Sidescan and Water Column Targets.

Using WASSP multibeam (back in 2019), oceanography students from the University of Rhode Island have been able to profile ripples on an estuary floor up to 15cm in distance apart.

No Need for Outside Surveyors

“We have been using WASSP multibeam for artificial reef projects that encourage marine growth and fish life, and using WASSP allowed us to save time and money as we could use it ourselves without needing outside surveyors. The results exceeded our performance requirements and it was the perfect choice for our needs,” said Nicholas Kavadis, managing director, Voyager Electronics.

In addition to the improvements to the S3, a fully integrated kit known as the S3r has also been released. The S3r includes an RTK INS providing very accurate position, heading, pitch, roll and heave as well as a sound velocity sensor (SVS) that can effortlessly allow survey mapping for a range of applications with IHO S-44 standards accuracy achievable.

Through development and testing, the S3r integrated solution provides a turnkey solution that makes multibeam surveying even more accessible and simple.

The latest version of WASSP's S3 dedicated hydrographic survey MBES comes with the roll-out of a new real-time processing module.