New VTS Radar from Atlas Elektronik - 14/05/2004

A new X-Band radar system with a frequency diversity technique designed for VTS operations, the Atlas 9760 RTX FD has been announced by Atlas Elektronik of Bremen.
Featuring superior clutter suppression and enhanced target detection capabilities, the new system is particularly suited for long-range coastal surveillance applications. When combined with high-efficiency antennas such as those with a high gain and/or circularly polarised capability, it can provide ideal performance peaks necessary for critical detection operations.
A derivative of established Altas VTS 9760 radar transceiver technology, the new system transmits via two different X-band frequencies with echo returns of both first received and then processed separately prior to correlation. The technique suppresses unwanted clutter while increasing required signal levels, thus significantly improving detection capability.
Designed for demanding radar operations, the new frequency diversity technology is fully compatible with Atlas Elektronik’s series of 9760 VTS and RSS 9800 Coastal Surveillance systems.

Last updated: 17/01/2021