New Wireless Bearing Health Monitor System - 14/05/2004

Kongsberg Maritime has released a new wireless monitoring system, the GB-100 Sentry system, designed for real-time monitoring of crosshead and crank pin bearing temperatures in rotary machinery applications such as reciprocating compressors and large diesel engines.
In a reciprocating compressor or a large diesel engine, a serious malfunction caused by a bearing seizure can develop very quickly. In such a situation real time monitoring of bearing temperatures represents a valuable indicator, enabling timely action to protect vital machinery parts against high cost damages. The new Sentry system from Kongsberg
Maritime represents a safety function that will reduce the risk of a serious and costly machinery breakdown.
The Sentry system features an alarm function that triggers if the bearing temperatures exceed preset values. The fast response of the system gives the operator the required time to stop the machine safely. The complete system includes one wireless temperature sensor with a stationary antenna per measuring point, and a signal processing unit.
The wireless sensor of the Sentry system are mounted close to the bearing cap. The system allows for high flexibility in arranging sensors and antennas with respect to the gap, angle and lateral position between these units. The sensors are completely passive and have been designed to be installed in harsh environments.
The signal processing unit can be connected to any existing alarm or monitoring system or it can be delivered as a stand-alone alarm unit. The Sentry system has recently received CSA approval for hazardous areas installations.

Last updated: 24/02/2020