News from Applanix/Emerge - 02/02/2004

Applanix has recently expanded its airborne remote sensing portfolio with the addition of key Emerge technical expertise to the Applanix family. The following are some key points of information concerning this development.

  • Expansion airborne Remote Sensing portfolio - the Applanix parent company, Trimble, has acquired the assets of Emerge Sensor Group (Andover, MA) from ConAgra Foods Inc (Omaha, NE). This transaction includes the company’s IP rights and product designs
  • Emerge is well known for its development of the DSS (Digital Sensor System), a joint undertaking with Applanix
  • The Emerge sensor group’s key technical staff are added, complementing Applanix in producing Aided Inertial products for the geomatics and remote sensing industry. The new staff is based in the Boston area of the US and report directly to Applanix as the Applanix Integrated Systems Group (AISG). In addition to performing ongoing DSS research and development, AISG will also provide custom integrated systems solutions for Applanix customers, including applications in the Aerospace and Defense markets
  • The DSS system is designed to generate high-quality georeferenced airborne digital imagery and is currently in its second generation

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