NexSon Bathmetrymetric and Oceanographic Sensor Packages - 02/07/2004

OceanTools Ltd announce the launch of their NexSon Bathymetric & Oceanographic Sensor packages. The NexSon Bathy/OSP contains high accuracy conductivity,
temperature, pressure and altitude measurement probes for precision depth, altitude, conductivity, density and velocity of sound measurements.
Systems are available in depth ranges of 700m, 1200m, 2000m and 4000m. Data
from the subsea Bathy/OSP units is displayed on a stand-alone surface control unit, a NexSon sonar control unit, or on a PC running the Bathy/OSP software. The surface unit also contains an optional integral digital barometric pressure measurement. A range of output data strings are available to ensure compatibility with older bathymetric packages. The NexSon MA500 high precision altimeter included in the Bathy/OSP has superb side-lobe suppression resulting in much fewer false readings than other Bathymetric systems.
The NexSon Bathy/OSP forms part of a wider range of integrated subsea survey products, primarily for ROV use, including the NexSon-500 high-definition imaging sonars, NexSon dual-head profiling sonars, NexSon data multiplexers and OceanTools north-seeking gyrocompass units.

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